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Thank You for visiting Kipling Designs. I'm just getting started with print-on-demand apparel and other types of merch, and these early designs cover several different themes including science, spaceflight and astronomy—along with masks and masking-up.  Plus, I have a line of clever clubbing and bar tee's that mesh with the socializing and self-help books that I've written over the past decade.  (Here's more info on that if you're interested.)  All product links below will take you to the description page for that particular item on—my POD supplier.  Thanks much!   ~MP

Abstract Patterned Masks & Mugs

Shown below are my collection of high quality masks and mugs in a variety of unique abstraction patterns—from calming to wild.  The masks feature two layers of soft 95% Polyester + 5% Spandex fabric overlayed with brilliant sublimation-style printing. Washable with strong, comfortable ear straps.  (Tap here to see the mugs.)

Brilliant Colorful Whirl

Dreamy Bubble Swoosh

Time Warp

Autuminal Haze

Hot Pink Rush

Kaleidoscopic Popcorn

Note: Every mask pattern on this page is also available on a variety of different items, as seen in the examples below:

Dragonfly Floral Fantasy

Dragonfly Zoom Fantasy

Dragonfly Swooshing Around

Speeding Bubbles

Candy Bubbles Mask

Twisted Colorful Fractal

Warm Scratched Metal

Spacey Crystalline Mask

Red-Yellow EMF Wave Mask

Cool Blue EMF Wave Mask

Hypnotic Alien Sunset


These ceramic 10 oz. coffee mugs are decorated with the same stimulating abstract patterns as the masks. Tap any button to see the full description and specs, including price.

Stark Crystaline Mug

Twisted Fractal Mug

Cool Blue EMF Wave Mug

Seasonal Lights and Leaves

Brilliant Whirl Mug

Speeding Bubbles Mug

Time Warp Mugs

Dreamy Bubble Swoosh Mug

Hot Pink Rush Mug

Autumnal Haze Mug

Spacey Crystalline Mug

Scratched Metal Mug

Dragonfly Floral Fantasy

Alien Sunset Mug

Cool Blue EMF Mug

Red-Yellow EMF Wave Mug

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Astronomy and Rockets
—Space, Science & Astronomy—
* Tee's/Hoodies/Mugs/Swag *

Astronomy & Rockets

Mask-Up Designs
Promoting Our Safety

—Friendly Reminders For Us All—
* Tee's/Hoodies/Posters *

mask up posters

Bar & Clubbing Designs
For Men & Women

—Messages to Help You Socialize—
* Tee's/Hoodies/Phone Cases *

clubbing tees


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